How to Sell Used Clothes through Clothing Design Websites

Our closets are littered with clothes that we don’t wear anymore. Reason: we have outgrown them, they have outlived their usefulness, or they don’t just fit anymore. You may also have designer clothes that you’ve never worn since you dislike them. When such scenarios happen, the first thing most think of is to donate them to charity organizations or give friends as freebies. Most people don’t know that they can actually sell these clothes online. If you’re wondering how, here is a simple step by step process:

  • Sort out clothes you want to list on clothing design websites

Rid your closet of unwanted clothes, and sort them according to categories, for example, used, designer and vintage.

 Choose one of the best platforms for selling clothes online

There are numerous online platforms to sell your clothes online. Some platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce require that you set up your own store before you start selling. Others such as eBay, Poshmark, The realreal and Treadsy are user-friendly. You only need to set up your account or page, list your clothes and the site sells for you. The latter should be the best platforms to start off.

 Take multiple top quality pictures of clothes you intend to sell on the clothing design website

Clients are likely to buy clothes if they see them in 3-Dimension. Make a point to take pictures of you or some model wearing the clothes. Also, take pictures at different angles. This brings out a perfect idea of the fit and condition of the clothes. Additionally, ensure to take the pictures with natural lighting. The idea is to bring out the authentic look of the clothes. Customers like to get exactly what they see. Artificial lighting could affect the authentic look of the clothes and lead to bad customer experience.

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 List your clothes on your chosen clothing design website

List your clothes on your preferred website. Some online stores will do that for you. Ensure the clothes are accompanied by authentic product descriptions. Make sure you capture everything about the clothes in your descriptions, including whether or not it’s brand new, used, slightly used. Are there any repairs, stains or pulls? Not being upfront enough can really damage your reputation.

 Set competitive prices for clothes you want to list on your preferred

clothing design websites
Price will determine whether you’ll sell your clothes or not. The golden rule of thumb is to set prices at one-third of the initial retail price to be able to get something good out of the sales. You must also take into account the commission charged by the online store when setting the price. Let’s admit it; most people like top-quality things at fair price.

 Optimize your platforms for selling clothes online

While almost all the websites for selling clothes have an established customer base, injecting your efforts by sharing your clothes on your social media pages can ramp up your sales. You might just find that some of your followers are interested in your clothes. Also, in your product descriptions, include keywords to enable customers to find you through search engines. Such organic customers are more likely to buy compared to site customers and social media followers.

 Set up an effective and convenient payment method for your platform for selling clothes online

Choose a payment method that most clients prefer. For instance, PayPal would be ideal if you’re selling your clothes globally. If it’s regional, then credit cards would suffice. Another important aspect is the shipping cost. Determine an appropriate shipping cost that will not drive up the cost of the clothes. You can even shelve the shipping cost if you ascertain that it won’t impact your profit.

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With this process, selling your clothes online should not be work. In fact, some online stores do all this for you and cut some common off that work. As long as you’re still making your profits, letting the store sell on your behalf is a pretty good idea.