There are a huge number of artists who want to transform their passion and enthusiasm into a business. If you are one of them, keep reading because we will highlight some tips that can help you. There is more than one good way to start this venture. However, most experts agree that selling things online is the most convenient way to earn money. You might be interested in sell online jewelry or paintings options or some other options, but you should know that these tips are working for everyone.

One of the best things about doing business online with your small pieces of art is that you will get creative freedom. You will notice that your creativity is unleashed to the fullest extent. Obviously, in case you want to sell more, you will need to analyze the market and find out what type of artwork your target audience likes the most. The internet is a huge place, so you will find clients for anything that has at least some value. In order to simplify this process and help you, we have gathered information from a few successful artists that sell their works online.

For instance, Rachel Byler is a successful artist and cat fan from the United States. She decided to sell her artworks via Etsy. Thanks to this eCommerce solution, Rachel was able to sell more than 2000 works. She is focused on creating watercolor paintings with fantasy worlds and nature motifs. Besides her presence on Etsy, she also runs her own website and she uses social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook too. She advises future sellers to showcase their best work in the portfolio and to be prepared for hard work.

Next, we will mention Lis Dawning, another artist from the United States. She is best known for her paintings found on huge canvases. She uses her hands and brushes to create these paintings. Lis works on Etsy. According to Lis, people should not fear competition. Instead, they should analyze the competition and make their work better.

Finally, Valero Doval, is a great artist from Spain, who makes retro, colorful artworks based on collage and illustration. His most important advice is to set goals but to avoid expectations. Don’t enter this business hoping to become a millionaire because you may end up disappointed. Of course, selling things online can be profitable, but only if you are disciplined and persistent.